How to use your Windows PC as a WiFi repeater, without any third party software?

Well, today I’m writing a very interesting post about: How to use your Windows 7 computer as a WiFi repeater?

A WiFi repeater amplifies the weak WiFi signal received and transmits it with a greater strength.

There are many reasons behind using a PC as a wireless LAN repeater. Sometimes, if you are catching your neighbor’s weak WiFi signal at your door steps, but when you tilt inside the room, suddenly the signal breaks totally, or may be in your office, if you have an access to a WiFi network on your office laptop, but you can’t use it on any other devices because of MAC binding or IP filtering, so here are some steps that can be taken to get the job done.

Just follow these steps to use your windows laptop as a repeater, to share the same internet connection to other WiFi enabled devices, secretly:

(Note: Before proceeding, make sure you are the administrator for your PC, your PC is already connected to a WiFi network and also connected to a power source. )


Click on Start and type CMD and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter, this will popup Command Prompt window on your screen, if it asks for an administrator password, just key in the administrator password and click Ok.


Type the following set of commands in the Command Prompt window:

netsh wlan set hosted network mode=allow ssid=abc key=abc@123 KeyUsage=persistent  and hit Enter key to create a virtual WiFi hot-spot.

Now, type:

netsh wlan start hosted network and hit Enter key to activate the hot-spot on your PC and then exit the Command prompt window.

(Note: You can keep custom SSID in place of abc, whatever you desire, and you can also keep desired password in value of SSID. If you are facing difficulty in performing STEP-1 or getting an error message, do write in the comment section below.)


In the previous step, we have successfully created a hot-spot named abc on the PC. Now, in this step, we will enable internet access to this hot-spot.

Click on the network icon in the notification area and then click Open Network and Sharing Center, this will open the Network Sharing Center window. Now, Click on change adapter settings option, in the left pane. This will open a new windows, displaying all the network connections on your PC. Right-click on the Network Connection you are currently connected to and click on properties. Now, navigate to the sharing tab and do the following:

  • Mark Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection, and
  • Select to choose the Network connection, we just created in the Step-2, doing this will share the internet on your PC to the virtual hot-spot.

Now, click OK  and close all the windows. Now, you can connect any WiFi enabled device to newly created hot-spot (ssid=abc and password=abc@123).

(Now, you can just place your laptop at a place where you are getting weak WiFi signal and your PC will act as a repeater and provide you amplified signal.)

Step-6: (optional)

a) In this step, we will configure our laptop PC not to sleep and sleep away even if we close its lid.

Just click on Start and type power options and hit Enter, this will open Power options window. Now, in the left pane, click on Change when the computer sleeps option. In the new window, set Put the computer to sleep to Never, under Plugged in list and then click on Save changes. (Note: For better performance, it is recommended to keep your Laptop PC connected to power supply.)

b) Now, again in the Power options window, in the left pane, click on Choose what closing the lid does. This will open a new window and now, set When I close the lid option to Do nothing.

Now you can close the lid of your laptop and still enjoy internet using WiFi hot-spot. Thanks.



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