How to track and possibly locate a person over the internet, whose location is unknown?

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Sometimes, you come across people who contact you anonymously, keeping their identity hidden, and making you wonder about themselves. Well, there might be some more effective ways, but here is one of the most effective solutions to possibly locate the person anywhere over the globe. You do not need any third party software or any programming expertise, it is just an easy and simple way.

Just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: (Sign-up)

First and foremost, you need to signup for Grabify IP Logger and register yourself there. Enter the desired username, password and your email address to signup. Now, check your email and follow the link to complete the registration process.

Step-2: (Getting ready)

After successful registration, now go to Grabify IP logger to login and then it is recommended to immediately change your password for the first time, do this by going to MY PROFILE option and then change the password. Now, go to google images search and search for an attractive image that you think, most people would like to see. Open it and click on share option, and then copy the URL generated under “Click to copy link” option.

Step-3: (Creating the payload)

Now, go to and paste the copied URL (from step 2) in the search box and click on Create URL  and on the next page, under the link information, copy the Google URL, which is our payload, and also make a note of the tracking code.

Step-4: (Launching attack and gathering information)

Now, you have to set one or more targets (victim) for which you want to know the location. You can use social networking sites, like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Paste and send the copied URL from the step 3. As soon as they go through that URL, some information (like their IP address, etc.) will be reflected back to you in Grabify account. Access that information either by going to Grabify account and typing the tracking code noted in step 3 in the search box and clicking Tracking Code or by simply going to My Logs option and the selecting the tracking code provided. Now, just look into the results and copy the IP address.

Step-5: (Getting the location)

Now, you have the IP address of the victim, and the next step should be to track his/her geographic location. Just visit and in the search box at the top right corner, paste the IP address, you just copied in the previous step, and hit enter. On the next page, in the results generated,  note down the Latitude & Longitude.

Step-6: (Track down)

The final step is to enter this Longitude & Latitude in the Google maps.  Just visit and paste the IP address in the search box provided, and hit enter. You may or may not get the exact location of the victim, but it will be possibly nearby. You can go to the place physically or you can guess the person based on location.

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