how to mount/dismount tiny, surface mounted components quite easily without using a Hot Air Gun?

Hi friends, imagine the situation when you must dismount the chip from the large PCB and you need much heating. You can naturally try to make it done using the soldering iron, but it is not the most convenient way to do this when you don’t have direct access to its pins. In such a situation, it is advised to use a soldering station. But what if it isn’t at hand?

Recently, I was surfing YouTube for some tech content and look what I found, that I am sharing with you.
In fact, any chip from any PCB can be dismounted very simply. And to accomplish this task, you don’t need anything other than the usual Halogen lamp.
However, this is an alternate way to get the job done, when you don’t have a Hot Air Soldering Station. Of course, I don’t appeal to use this technique everywhere, but the method requires quite a bit of attention. With the soldering Iron, it is extremely difficult to dismount such elements, because of the heat capacity of the board and the proximity between the components.
For the dismantling operation and the subsequent installation, we need a halogen lamp commonly used in Cars. It can vary from 60 watts to 100 watts. Halogen lamps are great light sources, but they though emit enough heat to melt down the soldering material. In addition to visible light, a filament has radiation in the infrared range. Some, Halogen lamps have two filaments, one of them is even equipped with a reflector, which is very handy.
But directing the light, and therefore the thermal radiation to a certain section of the printed circuit board, we can just in a few seconds heat up the solder to the melting temperature. and thus the component can be easily dismantled. The heating time depends on the dimensions of the component and on the heat capacity of the printed circuit board.
The same principle is used in modern infrared soldering stations. The rated power supply can be fed through a 12V car battery, but you can also use adjustable power supply up to 14 volts for better results. Make sure not to increase the voltage too much rapidly or beyond the 14 volts, it may damage the Halogen lamp and more than that, it could cause serious injuries. By controlling the voltage from the adjustable voltage source, in fact, we can control the heating temperature. Remember, the Halogen lamp will remain very hot for certain time even after removing the power supply, so be careful not to touch the lamp immediately. Also, I strongly recommend wearing sunglasses during work, as the halogen lamps produce very bright light, the direct effect of which is very harmful to naked eyes.
Well, my friends, I hope that I was able to help those people who sometimes repair electronics but isn’t their business and they don’t want to buy the expensive station. Then this method will solve the problem.

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