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How to optimize battery life on your Windows laptop?

As time goes on, the performance of battery on  your laptop starts deteriorating. But there are few steps that can be taken in order to get the most out of your laptop’s battery, before it comes to replacement procedure. Here is what to do:

Switching to Power saving:

  1. If you are away from a power source and working on some important project that you can’t postpone, and unfortunately  the time left for your laptop to stay awake is less, then an instant way to prolong it is to switch to power saving mode. Power Saving mode minimizes battery usage to extend battery life, this will prevent all the optional/unwanted processes to eat away power from your laptop.  Doing this is quite easy. Just right-click on the ‘battery icon’ located in the notification area and select ‘Power Options’.
  2. Now, in the power plans window, you may select ‘power saver’ option, this will get the job done. However, you can also customize the power plan according to your needs. (Note: additional power can be saved by turning WiFi, Bluetooth and back-lit keyboard OFF when not needed.)

Migrating to SSD:

  1. Be it the operating speed of your PC or the battery performance, SSDs improve both. Compared to conventional hard disk drives, being mechanical, SSDs are static devices and hence consume lesser power, resulting in longer battery life. However SSDs are much more expensive than traditional HDDs when it comes to cost per MB, but in the long run, SSDs prove to be more beneficial. SSDs have longer life than HDDs.
  2. Migrating to SSD is quite easy. These days, almost all the computers support SATA drives. Thus based on the motherboard’s requirements and the OS being used, a correct size of SSD will surely be accepted by the computer and hence improving the battery life.

Keeping the system ventilated:

Cooling fan is yet another major factor that comes into notice when battery life is to be discussed. The brush-less DC motor inside your laptop which runs the cooling fan, is another power hungry element. The speed of the cooling fan is controlled by the system automatically, based upon the amount of heat sensed. Thus cooler the system, lesser the speed of the cooling fan and hence lesser the battery consumption. The system can be kept cooler when proper ventilation is provided to it. This can be done by using the system in a colder place and by placing it over a solid shiny base. Placing system over a cushion surface prevents the ventilation and hence resulting in the heating up of system.

Note: Some laptops may support an External Sheet Battery base, that not only adds up to the battery life but also improves ventilation. For more details, you may contact the manufacturer.

This is what External Sheet Battery may look like:



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