How to align a dish antenna, using your smartphone’s built-in features, and without any third party app or using a laser pointer?

Usually, it becomes really very cumbersome, when it comes to align a dish antenna, when you are not equipped with a satellite finder instrument. Dish antennas may get misaligned due to winds or by bird or animal action.

But there are some easy ways with which you can align a dish antenna in few easy steps:

1. Using your smartphone:

(Note: Before proceeding any further, make sure you have a smartphone featured with a compass and level sensor. Usually, these features are provided by default with the smartphone, but if your smartphone doesn’t have, you may download them from the Android Play Store.)


The best thing to make the job easy is to making note of  the reading of an already aligned dish antenna using Compass and level meter features of a smartphone. If your antenna is already aligned. then it is better to take the reading of its direction and elevation using your smartphone for future reference. And in case, your dish antenna is already misaligned, you may look for the dish antenna of you neighbor  and take its reading, then align your antenna accordingly. Here is how to take the readings:

  1. Take out your smartphone and open Compass application. Now, settle the smartphone between the LNB and curved plate, such that the screen of the smartphone is facing upwards, and the arrow (marker) on the compass scale faces towards LNB.
  2. Now, note down the measured degree accurately. (For better results, you may remove and adjust the smartphone repeatedly 3 to 4 times and then taking 4 readings. If there is a little variation in readings, you may take the mean of readings. Mean can be taken by adding all readings and the dividing the sum by the number of readings taken.)
  3. Similarly, open the level meter application of your smartphone and note down the elevation of the antenna. (For better results, you may take the mean.)


Now, head towards the misaligned antenna, and keeping the compass application open, place that smartphone between LNB and antenna curved plate, in the same manner as in Step-1.

  1. Now, slightly rotate the antenna to fix it over the degree as noted in the step-1. Now, tighten the screws that are responsible for antenna rotation, such that the antenna may not rotate any further.
  2. Now, in the same manner, switch to the level meter application in the same manner as in Step-1 and elevate the antenna slightly till the degree as noted in Step-1 is reached. Now, tighten all the remaining screws firmly.

Now, if you have performed all the steps accurately, you TV should now be catching channels. Thank you.

2. Using a laser pointer:

Another way, of aligning a dish antenna, to accurate position is by making use of a laser pointer. But, this step is only future proof, i.e, taking readings when your antenna is aligned properly and then making use of those readings, in case your antenna has gone misaligned accidentally.

(Note: Before proceeding, make sure that you have following tools: 1. A glue gun or a glue stick, 2. A LASER pointer, 3. A LASER holder, you can make a conventional LASER holder on your own., and 4. A cardboard or a paper and a pen.)


Permanently fix the LASER holder anywhere on the dish pointer using a a glue stick, such that when the LASER pointer is inserted into LASER holder, the LASER should point to the ground.


Insert the laser pointer into the LASER holder, and at the same time, place the cardboard or a paper on the ground such that the edges of the paper or the card board touch at least two legs of the antenna, such that the LASER pointer falls over the cardboard or the paper.


Now, with the help of a pen, mark the paper or cardboard on three places, i.e. on the LASER dot, and on the edges of the paper or cardboard, where the legs of the antenna touch the cardboard or the paper.

Now, in future if you face antenna misalignment, what you have to do is to put the LASER pointer into the LASER holder on the antenna, and align the LASER dot to the marked pen dot on that cardboard or paper, keeping the paper or the cardboard in  touch with the legs of antenna, as marked before.
This is a very simple method of aligning the dish antenna, when your antenna has gone misaligned due to heavy winds or otherwise. But it will work only if the base of antenna is fixed or bolted to the surface it is mounted upon.



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