Easy way to get printed your passport-sized photographs using MS word quickly, even a layman can.

Hello readers, today I’ll tell you that how can you easily print passport size photographs using nothing, but just MS word. So let’s get started.

Things you need: Good camera, a PC with MS word, and a color printer.


Take out your camera or smartphone and just click the photograph of an object or a person you want to capture, but with correct exposure and make sure you have selected a plain background and wearing a formal dress, if required. Since we are here going for a passport-sized photograph, therefore your main focus should be only on the face and shoulders of the person, the rest will be trimmed later.


Now that you are satisfied with the quality of picture you captured, the next step is to transfer picture to a Computer containing MS word. Just connect the camera to your PC using data cable and browse through the content to copy the desired picture and place it over your desktop. (If you want to give your photo a professional touch or want to change background color, just get it re-touched in the Photoshop, before proceeding to the next step.)


Just, open MS word ( I use MS word-2010), navigate to the Insert tab and click on the Picture icon, and  browse for the desired picture and click on Insert.


Now, right-click the picture you have just inserted and navigate to Wrap Text option, then click on In front of text option. Doing this will let you move the picture freely anywhere over the page.


Next, double-click on the picture you inserted, a Corp icon will automatically appear on the toolbar. Click on the Crop icon and drag the borders of the picture to trim out the unwanted area from the picture, and then again click on the Corp icon to get the image cropped.


If the picture is a little bit dark, you can adjust the brightness and contrast easily. Just click on the Corrections icon on the tool bar and select the desired level. If the picture is already perfect, then you can skip this step.


You can also give a border of your desired color to your picture. Just select the desired frame for your picture from a set of frames, and then to remove shadow of the frame or to change the frame color, just right-click the picture and select Picture format. Now, in the Picture format window, select Shadow, and in the right pane, select Presets and the click on No shadow. To change the color of the frame, click on Line color and then in the right-pane, click on the Color icon to choose from a range of colors.

Step 9:

Now, this step is a little-bit tricky. Take an A4-sized paper and hold in front of the screen with one hand, sandwiching the paper between the screen and hand and then just hold CTRL and Scroll the mouse wheel to match the paper size on screen to the actual A4-paper and the remove the paper. Now, the picture visible on the screen is of the true size as it will be after being printed. Here, you can make slight adjustments to the picture size as per your desire.


Now, if you want to take multiple copies of the image over an A4 paper, just follow this step. Hold Ctrl+Shift and drag the picture towards the right, making it two. Now, simply hold Ctrl key and select both the images and then again holding Ctrl+Shift keys together, drag the two images, making them four. Similarly, you can multiply the images  as many as you wish. Now, you are ready to get them printed. (Make sure that you are giving proper space between each picture such that they can be easily cut apart later.)

Now, you are done with it. Thanks.


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