5 Windows Command Prompt Tricks You should know.

Every tech savvy happens to make use of command prompt in his day-to-day life and here are some (five) command prompt tricks you should know, to make your life a little bit easier:

Trick 1: Sending a command’s outcome direct to the clip-board.

Note: This will work for any command

You might not be aware that there is a command in windows that if used, may directly output the results to the clip-board, ready to paste.

For example, ipconfig command would output the IP address information of a Windows computer, but when suffixed with |clip, would throw the output directly to the clipboard, check it out.

In the above example, the ipconfig |clip command was executed and the output was pasted in the Notepad.

Trick 2: Open a folder directly in Command Prompt, and save your time.

sometimes becomes very tedious to navigate to the desired destination in the Command Prompt, but there is an easy way which lets you open the desired folder directly in the Command prompt. Just hold down Shift key and right-click the desired folder and select Open command window here.

Trick 3: Command history.

Still pressing the up arrow key for getting previous commands? This might be helpful when you are looking for a command used too early, but unfriendly when the command a is long way behind. Then there is a command doskey /history that brings down a list of past commads for your ease.

Trick 4: Directly drag and drop files and/or folders in command prompt to get exact the path.

If you have to jump to a certain location in command prompt, the fastest way is to type cd and directly drag and drop the file or folder to the command window and get the job done. Yo can also use the same method for various reasons, based on your need.

Trick 5: Execute multiple set of commands in one go.

Our last trick for the day, that many tech savvy geeks may already be aware of is that multiple commands can be made to run in a single hit just by separating them using double ampersands.

For example: ipconfig && netstat command would run ipconfig first and then netstat in one go.


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